Sales Teams will love us and will use us!

Do you struggle to get your sales team to use a formal quoting tool when sending quotes to customers? Would you like a centralised location when all the quotes are visible and customer information can be found? Are your sales team under pressure putting together quotes and proposals for customers?  Do they find themselves under pressure with information and pricing saved in many different places like Excel or Word or maybe they use your Accounting software to create a quote?  If any of this is sounding familiar, the good news is that there is a better way!

ITQuoter has been working with the MSP industry for the last 20 years.  They have learned how MSP sales teams work and everything they do is based around helping sales teams to sell more.  ITQuoter is a complete quoting system that can handle anything from a simple one-line quote, to more complex special bids and professional services proposals.  

ITQuoter does not require any hardware investment and only a small configuration process to get started.  It is very easy to use, allowing sales teams to quote quickly and accurately for ‘single source’ IT solutions. It also offers customised branding of quotes, proposals and other documentation, automated price feeds from many vendors updated daily and an easy to create eCommerce portal. 

ITQuoter is a cloud-based product, so your sales team can create their quotes and proposals at any time from wherever they are to meet your deadlines.  No more last minute rushing around trying to collate and add up figures and produce a manual document to send off to your customer.  And if your sales team do have their own pricing information or quotes from suppliers in an excel spreadsheet there is a facility where they can easily import these documents into ITQuoter rather than having to redo all the work.

So if you are tired of your sales team scrambling around to put their quotes together and would like to introduce an easy, streamlined quoting system in to your business then contact us for a demo, we are confident that your sales team will love us and will use us!  We would love to hear from you.  


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