We really care about our customers, and we love to receive their feedback.  ITQuoter is loved by MSPs, VARs and other IT professionals and they tell us that they actually prefer to use our software.

There are three things that keep coming up when we talk to our customers:

  • CPQ software should provide good-looking, easy-to-edit proposals, quotes and estimates that can be configured to your own corporate formatsThe quotation that you send from your CPQ software may be your company’s only communication that some members of your potential client see. Does that quotation fairly represent your brand, in terms of its design, layout and presentation? Does your quotation demonstrate your organization’s professionalism and attention to detail? In our view, that’s essential.
  • CPQ software should include the facility for electronic approvals of quotes and proposalsPaperwork should be minimized, for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The best CPQ software systems readily accept and process electronic approvals.
  • CPQ software should have an intuitive interface so that you can create quotes quickly and easilyIt’s an obvious but sometimes lacking requirement that CPQ software should be easy to learn and even easier to use. Is yours?

ITQuoter covers all these bases and that is why MSPs, VARs and other IT professionals love to use our software.  Read the eNerds Case Study to find out about all the features they love about ITQuoter.

We would love to show you how ITQuoter works.  If you would like to find out more, you can book a demo here.