Looking for fast, easy, stress-free quoting?

When you are looking for a quoting tool to use in your business, there are a number of key, fundamental functions and requirements that will ensure fast, easy, stress-free quoting. Below we discuss the top 5 things for you to consider when making your choice: 


1. Quoting Tool is cloud based

This is non-negotiable. In this digital age, accessing tools in the cloud is very secure and provides a huge amount of flexibility. Working remotely has of course become essential; having a cloud-based solution makes this work effortlessly. Using a cloud product means that you can work from anywhere with just the same access to data and functionality that you have from the office. It also means all software updates are rolled out automatically without having to do manual updates on every single machine! Cloud provides user flexibility and administration simplicity. 


2. Hassle-free set up

You will want to be able to get started with using the quoting tool as quickly as possible. ITQuoter can get you up and running in a day or work with you to customise your set-up. We even make it easy to migrate from other CPQ products. 


3. User Experience

In this competitive world speed to quote is critical.Businesses that can provide professional quotes, in the shortest amount of time are more likely to win business. ITQuoter’s modern interface has been test-driven and refined by our users for years. The user experience is so easy and it works so well that all parts of the company can use it; helping to make quoting easy, improving efficiencies, saving you time and money. 


4. Pricing

It seems the norm these days that vendors tie you in for long periods of time with high pricing. ITQuoter’s pricing is simple and flexible, it is on a month-to-month basis, with no surprises or long-term tie-in. There is no complicated tier system where you are limited on the lowest version and have to move to the next version to get more features. We have two easy options available to choose from – you simply choose which of them is most suitable for your business. 


5. Ongoing Development

ITQuoter has been around for over 20 years and we’ve built our business on listening to what customers need and responding. We are flexible and agile enough to adapt and make changes easily and quickly as and when they are required. We remain focused on what is best for the overall evolution of the product in line with keeping it easy to use. It is important as a customer that you know your requirements are being listened to and not just being added to a long list to be included in the product road map at some point far in the future. New developments and integrations are always in the pipeline with ITQuoter. 

ITQuoter has been working with MSPs for the last 20 years and we know what works and what doesn’t work. We are trusted by some of the largest IT brands in the world and we want to help you to sell more and win new business. So if you are still wondering if ITQuoter is the tool for you, get in touch with us for a demo, we would love to show you how the product works. We are confident that you will love our software and we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about it!


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