CLOUD-BASED CPQ software platform

Here’s why ITQuoter is cloud-based MSP quoting software that you and your team will actually want to use.

Why it's so important for MSPs to use the right, fully-featured cloud-based quoting software

There are few things more frustrating, once you’ve identified a hot prospect for your managed IT services, than struggling to put together a price quote that’s both timely and accurate.

We understand. That’s one of the most important problems we set out to solve when we developed ITQuoter, our cloud-based, Configure Price Quote software.

Right from the start, our objective has been to help improve the productivity and profitability of customers like you: MSPs, VARs, IT consultants and channel partners.

Did we succeed? Yes, according to our many satisfied customers. You’ll see some of their opinions on this website’s front page.

But don’t just take their word for it. Try ITQuoter for yourself.

Try ITQuoter for yourself

Why do our customers actually want to use ITQuoter? Why would YOU?

Here are some of the most important reasons:

  • ITQuoter is cloud-based, which allows you to work anywhere easily and efficiently. It’s accessible from anywhere, even mobile devices. And ITQuoter is simple and easy to implement because all data is centralized.
  • This price quotation software ticks all the boxes: it’s fully-featured, secure, flexible, simple to update and equally suited to remote working or in-office operations.
  • ITQuoter is designed to help you win more deals, more quickly
  • The software has an intuitive interface so that you and any of your team can create quotes quickly and easily
  • ITQuoter generates good-looking, easy-to-understand proposals, quotes and estimates
  • The software combines products from multiple suppliers into consistent, aggregated listings, to make it easier for you to compare like with like, and for your customers to understand
  • ITQuoter proposals, estimates and quotes can be configured to be consistent with your existing corporate formats
  • ITQuoter includes the facility for electronic approvals of quotes and proposals
  • Because ITQuoter is cloud-based, any quote can be quickly and easily viewed, reviewed, changed and approved by your management

Like to know more, and to see ITQuoter’s CPQ software capabilities for yourself? Book a demo today.