ITQuoter + HaloPSA

ITQuoter integrates with your supplier price feeds allowing HaloPSA users to manage pricing for different suppliers and products in one central place.
HaloPSA users can create and manage quotes and proposals for their products and service offerings.

About HaloPSA

We seamlessly integrate our Quotes and Sales Order processes into HALO, providing you with the flexibility to create a HALO opportunity from within ITQuoter or link to an existing one.

Once quote is won, ITQuoter will generate a HALO Sales Order.

Additionally, our system incorporates a convenient webhook function for Accounts and Contacts. This means that when you create a record in HALO, it seamlessly and automatically mirrors the data in ITQuoter, ensuring real-time synchronization and minimizing manual input for enhanced operational efficiency.

Modules Integrated
  • Quotes → Halo Opportunity
  • Sales orders → Halo Sales Order
Integration Summary
  • Webhooks for Accounts and Contacts
  • Link Accounts & Update/ Create Contacts
  • Import Products from HaloPSA Catalogue
  • Creating opportunities in Halo
  • Create sales orders in Halo
  • Sync product SKU on sales orders
  • Sync supplier name on sales orders
  • Opportunities
  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Users
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Renewals

You Choose what is Syncronized.

Our ITQuoter + HaloPSA integration is customisable, empowering you to align it seamlessly with your specific system requirements and business objectives.

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