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  • Yes.  All transactions are PCI Compliant and are SSL Encrypted.  

  • No credit card details are kept or stored in any of our systems.
  • We have two payment options for ITQuoter licence fees; either Monthly Billing via credit card or Annual Up-Front.  We also accept direct debit / funds transfer by special arrangement.

  • At this stage we only accept Visa and Master Card.  No fees apply.
  • Transactions can be made in the following currencies; Australia Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, British Pounds, US Dollars, Euros and South African Rand.

  • Your monthly fee will be fixed to a currency that will not be affected by swings on the global markets.

  • There are no additional fees for paying in a foreign currency.
  • ITQuoter is deployed in a multi-tenancy environment like the vast majority of cloud applications.

  • There is an option to have a single tenancy deployment and your own staging, UAT servers for an additional upfront and ongoing monthly fee.

Yes.  ITQuoter requires multi-factor authentication for all user logins.  Your password uses a one-way 2048 bit hashing algorithm that can’t be reversed.

  • Yes.  Our API is a REST Service using Oauth 2.0.  

  • Most modules are exposed, and we provide integration support as a service.
  • Yes.  Your customer, quote and order data can be exported to a CSV file.  There are system security settings that prevent certain user types from performing this function to protect your valuable customer data.


  • it is designed to help MSPs and VARs win more deals, more quickly
  • it has an intuitive interface so that you can create quotes quickly and easily
  • it provides good-looking, easy-to-understand proposals, quotes and estimates
  • it combines products from multiple suppliers into consistent, aggregated listings to make it easier for you to compare like with like, and for your customers to understand
  • it can be configured to be consistent with your existing corporate formats
  • it is 100% cloud-based so it is accessible from anywhere, even mobile devices
  • it includes the facility for electronic approvals of quotes and proposals