MJD Systems


MJD Systems is an MSP in North EastScotland. They were formed by Mark andJill Dunscombe in response to local demandfor quality network management andtroubleshooting at a fair price.Since then they have grown fromstrength to strength and in 2016, to allowfor further growth of the business, theyexpanded into larger offices where theyare currently based, in Spey Bay, Scotland,alongside the beautiful beach and golfcourse!

The issue

MJD Systems were using another CPQ tool but it was difficult and also timeconsuming to use. The company was struggling to keep track of outstanding quotes and follow ups. They were looking for an alternative.

The solution

ITQuoter is a 100%-cloud-based CPQ software tool that has been used by MSPs since 1998. Its capabilities meet and exceed MJD’s specifications.

Natalie Dunscombe

Business Development Manager
MJD Systems

“I would definitely recommend ITQuoter to other MSPs. The onboarding and training was fantastic and all the documents are a great source of information. Don’t even waste your time trying out any other quoting tools!”

Why MJD Chose ITQuoter

ITQuoter was chosen because it is easier to use and quotations can be produced much more quickly. Even more complex quotations are not too timeconsuming.“The integration with the PSA tool isreally easy to work with and the teamare happy to use the tool. Theon-boarding and training was very clear and straightforward and the documentation sent after the session is a great reference for any additional information required. ITQuoter are always very responsive, any time you contact them.”

Business Benefits to MJD
as a result of using ITQuoter

Business Benefits to MJD as a result of using ITQuoter

  • Time saved putting quotes together
  • The integration with our PSA tool is
    very easy to work with
  • The team have become more
    productive and willing to use the

Key Outcomes

  • Easy-to-use quoting software
  • Professional-looking proposals
  • Good integration with PSA tool
  •  More streamlined processes and good
    overview of outstanding quotations

On Training

“ITQuoter onboarding and training was very clear and straightforward. First training session with Tesa was fantastic, not rushed, and she was happy to suggest things. It felt as if we could take as much time as we needed. Recording was very useful. Documents sent after the session are a great reference and well done. Very responsive on the training@ email address. All contact is very responsive, including local support.”

As our clients keep telling us: ITQuoter is the cloud-based CPQ software that tech professionals actually want to use

MJD: Considerations

Natalie Dunscome gives more details
about MJD’s decision to choose ITQuoter:

“We were using another quoting tool and made the choice to switch to ITQuoter. About 3-4 years ago we started to split our quotations and our ordering. We were struggling to know which quotes had been done and which ones needed to be followed up. It was time-consuming to create each quote, and increasingly difficult, and our team was very reluctant to use the tool as a result.
“We saw the demo which was done with the Network Group and realised that there was something else out there which would make it easier and more streamlined when producing quotes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ITQuoter to other MSPs.” https://itquoter.com