CBM, based in Perth, was founded in 1971 as City Business Machines. They were initially a service based organisation looking after business technologies of the day. Today in 2021, they remain proudly Western Australian owned & operated and have transformed into CBM Corporate, an MSP focused on working with and helping their customers to stay ahead of the pack, overcome challenges and succeed in business.

The issue

Aura needed a cloud-based CPQ tool that could produce professionallooking, comprehensive proposals for its customers.

The solution

ITQuoter is a 100%-cloud-based CPQ software tool that has been used by MSPs since 1998. Its capabilities meet and exceed Aura specifications.

Richard Flanders

Customer Services Director
Aura Technology Group

“ITQuoter CPQ software enables us to generate simple, effective, good-looking quotes for clients in a matter of minutes. Iwouldn’t hesitate to recommend ITQuoter to other MSPs.”

Why CBM Chose ITQuoter

CBM have been using ITQuoter since 2009, when it was an on-premise version. There were six people in the business back then and there are now just under 70. The process from opportunity, quote, sales order to purchase order is very smooth and allows each stage to be fully tracked. CBM can see the huge potential in the product and are very excited to see the next features to be introduced, which will further enhance the experience ofusing the product.

Business Benefits to MJD as a result of using ITQuoter

  • Customer feedback on the quoteformat is very positive
  • The purchasing process has improved
  • The team have become moreproductive and are making fewermistakes

Key Outcomes

  • Easy-to-use quoting software
  •  Professional-looking proposals
  • Smooth purchasing process
  •  Simplified processes & workflows

As our clients keep telling us: ITQuoter is the cloud-based CPQ software that tech professionals actually want to use

CBM: Considerations

How ITQuoter enables CBM Corporate
to win quotes very quickly and efficiently

CBM is now a bigger team and have become part of CorpCloud. All the new team members are taking on board usingITQuoter and getting the benefit of it. The benefits of using it can clearly be seen and it is non negotiable that this is the quoting
tool that is used within the business.

CBM transitioned from the on-premise
version to the cloud version of ITQuoter. The overall support was very good on the additional training that was required and the response times from the team are very prompt. CBM has also worked closely with
ITQuoter and reminded them of some of the fantastic features that were in the onpremise version and to keep them in cloud version.