BTek are unique as they are not a Managed Service Provider (MSP) but are a Valued Added Reseller (VAR) primarily focused on the needs of state, local, and federal governments and K-12 and higher education institutions.

The issue

BTek were using a combination of excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, and distributor portals to create their quotations.  All their contacts were in Outlook and dealing with many different distributors, they found it hard to find part numbers or compare pricing as they had to visit each distributor website to search for products.   This made it very time consuming to create their quotations, sometimes taking hours.  It was also extremely difficult to keep track of everything with the information sitting in so many different applications.    

The solution

Using ITQuoter has saved BTek an enormous amount of time.  It has completely transformed the way they work – a quotation which used to take hours to complete, now takes 5-10 minutes.  It is also very easy to track the quotation through the sales cycle making it much easier to know exactly at which stage each quotation is. 

Bruce Banko

BTek Holdings LLC

“I would recommend ITQuoter to anyone in the industry.  It does everything I need it to do and then some.  We looked at every other product in the US Market and IT Quoter went and continues to go above and beyond for us. I can’t put a price on the time they have saved us as a business – the whole package is amazing.” 

Why BTek Chose ITQuoter

BTek were searching for a product to use for their quotations and came across ITQuoter.  ITQuoter were very proactive and straight forward with BTek, explaining that they were their first US customer. BTek agreed to help ITQuoter beta test the product for the US Market.  All the feedback given to ITQuoter has been used to make improvements to the product and tailor it for the US Market.  The other quotation software companies BTek looked at charged for every single change and customization, but ITQuoter were very receptive, listed to BTek’s needs and went the extra mile to customize the product with minimal cost.   

Business Benefits to BTek as a result of using ITQuoter

Before using IT Quoter, the team at BTek felt as if they did not have enough hours in the day.  Using ITQuoter has reduced the time taken to write a quotation by 75% or more and has given them back the most important thing, time!  It is especially helpful when keeping track of quotations for large customers.  The relationship between BTek and ITQuoter is excellent. BTek feel they are a good fit and very compatible with ITQuoter as both companies run their businesses on similar principles.   ITQuoter really do listen, take all feedback on board, and are extremely flexible.  BTek have found their support invaluable.  BTek spoke very highly of the onboarding and training, they found Tessa to be fantastic – very down to earth and easy to work with. 

Key Outcomes

  • There were never enough hours in the day but using ITQuoter has given the BTek team hours back and time to focus on other tasks
  • End to end the process is quicker
  • Simplified processes and easy to track workflows

As our clients keep telling us: ITQuoter is the cloud-based CPQ software that tech professionals actually want to use

BTek: Considerations

Bruce Banko gives more details about
BTek's decision to choose ITQuoter:

BTek were concerned about being based in the US and the time difference with ITQuoter being based in Australia.  There have been no issues at all – ITQuoter have gone out of their way to keep in touch during US business hours.  In addition to the time saved producing quotations, BTek can now send Purchase Orders (POs) directly to their distributors from ITQuoter, this keeps everything in one place which saves even more time.  ITQuoter are also always working to integrate with more distributors.  With ITQuoter being web based, it offers a lot of flexibility as it can be used anywhere, and the team can work from home if they need to, still being able to access the system.